What Matters Most

Because of the many responsibilities that come with running a school or hospital the people who run them are faced with many challenges, but one of the biggest is their responsibility to keep staff, students, and patients safe while maintaining an environment that promotes wellness, learning and social growth. This challenge can make many people feel helpless and leave them wondering how they can manage a crisis or even prevent one from happening, but at Status Solutions we strive to show others that with our technology they can take action to protect their campuses.

Why We Attend

Here, at Status Solutions, we believe that everyone deserves to be and feel safe, and this is especially important when it comes to the people that are a part of our education and health systems. As a part of the community we are responsible for protecting those who have dedicated their lives to educating and caring for our community by increasing public awareness of safety and security concerns and advocating for safer campuses.

The goal of this conference was to inform attendees about the many ways in which our situational awareness technology can protect schools, hospitals, and campuses alike, and why it is more important to do so now than ever.

What We Did

At the Campus Safety East conference Status Solutions sponsored the session “First Responders Can’t Do It All: Empowering Your Campus Community.” In this session Police Lieutenant, John Weinstein, and Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police, Daniel Dusseau, spoke on the misconception that police and/or security are solely responsible for protecting our campuses and how the knowledge and exchange of information can keep campuses safe. Attendees learned how uniting a school campus can result in significant reductions of crime and overall increased safety. At Status Solutions we are firm believers in this idea that a united community that works together can more successfully prevent and manage emergencies. Which is why we created SARA, our situational awareness technology, so that campuses can achieve these goals of uniting their communities to better protect what matters most.

Additionally, Status Solutions’ Vice President, Amy Jeffs, had the pleasure of participating in a round table discussion with Michele Gay, Co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools. Michele Gay understands the importance of protecting our schools more than anyone after the death of her daughter, Josephine, in the Sandy Hook School tragedy. Her profound understanding of the importance of campus safety is why we have partnered with Safe and Sound Schools, because, like us, they believe that school safety is achievable and that we have a responsibility to inform and help others to keep students safe. The round table discussion was focused on the importance of all of the key stakeholders in a community coming together to support school safety initiatives. These stakeholders include administration, staff, students, parents, law enforcement, fire and EMS, local government and businesses. By including the entire community in their safety initiatives schools can ensure they are prepared to take action in the event of an emergency and drastically cut down on any miscommunication that may happen in a moment of crisis. This is especially important because there is no single solution when it comes to protecting and aiding our schools since each one is different, and their safety protocol should be thoroughly evaluated and tailored to each school’s specific needs.

Because there is no one solution to protecting campuses we are grateful to participate in the Campus Safety East Conference where people with different perspectives and ideas can all come together with the same goal of protecting what matters most. We are also happy to have been a sponsor of all three Campus Safety Conferences and we look forward to more successful shows in the years to come.

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