Helping hospitality providers improve both risk management and guest experience

Situational awareness helps hospitality providers improve both risk management and the guest experience, blending the best in safety with the best of service through automation - all on one platform.

From Convenience to Crisis

Every day, a hospitality provider's challenge is to provide their guests with a safe and comfortable experience, while also being responsible for the safety and well-being of all of their employees. This job can become increasingly difficult due to the various events that occur throughout a hotel each day: maintenance issues, deliveries, early guest arrival, room service, housekeeping, and so much more. Balancing all of these separate events can be tricky, and failing to do so results in decreased guest satisfaction, as well as guest and staff endangerment. Fortunately, providers can improve both their risk management and guest experience by improving their situational awareness with our technology solutions.

Situational Awareness

Protect what matters most at your hotel

Improve safety, security and comfort through customized monitoring, alerting and reporting.

Situational awareness platform
Engagement and connectedness

Communication portal

Communication shouldn't be a luxury

Customize a multimedia and self-service platform to improve communication and access to information for guests, staff and operators.

SAM Video Management Widget



Gather crucial knowledge, in real-time with interactive maps and live video, evidence of incidents, or simply recall past events with ease.