Increase guest satisfaction, Maximize Revenue and Automate Workflow

Self-service technology & access to information improves guest satisfaction and maximizes revenue by providing guests with what they want, when they want it.

CATIE - Communication and access to information everywhere

CATIE is a multimedia, self-service and communication portal that functions as an intercom, message center, digital signage and concierge in guest rooms and/or throughout the entire hotel. CATIE’s in-room portal is made available on Apple iPads and is completely customizable— it’s as simple as programming a button on the CATIE user interface, which then enables the delivery of content and services relevant to your specific hotel’s and guests’ needs.

Deliver digitized content and endless self-service options, giving guests access to information and services they want while keeping staff informed in order to streamline communication and increase guest satisfaction.

Hand holding communication tool to increase guest satisfaction
Coming to a Screen Near You

Access CATIE on any device.

The CATIE In-Room Portal is an always-on appliance that lives in a guest’s room that provides access to information, communication tools, and room controls.

CATIE Portal is a self-service and communication portal that improve guest satisfaction by keeping them informed and in control of their stay, while informing staff of their needs.

CATIE Web is a web-based tool within the solution suite that provides users access to much of the same information found in CATIE but on resident’s personal devices.

This browser-based tool features a simple and intuitive interface designed for seniors that provides them with access to information while away from their home or apartment, allowing residents to stay in touch and engaged with the community, no matter where they are.

CATIE TV is a digital signage application that can be setup on any existing television with an HDMI connection and uses the same content management system as CATIE Portal and Web.

The CATIE TV solution can be programmed to display banners and information for guests in their rooms and common areas or can be connected to your cable equipment and inserted into your hotel’s in- house TV channel.