Inform and Protect your Students and Staff

School safety technology that provides students and staff with the information they need to make informed decisions in critical situations.

Keep Your School Safe

Students and teachers deserve to feel safe when they walk through the front doors of their school. Every day schools are faced with meeting this expectation while maintaining an environment that promotes learning and social growth. When provided with a solution that ties your current safety systems together onto one platform and an innovative partner, schools can ensure the safety of their students and teachers. This Alyssa's Law complaint technology provides real-time information about an unfolding event provided to the proper individuals can not only help you to proactively address a situation, it can help you avoid it altogether.

Communication Portal

Inform, Communicate and Record

Improve overall school safety and empower teachers with a tool that enables them to send, receive and record information.

Engagement and connectedness
Data and analytics

Data & Analytics

Reveal what's trending at your school

Leverage an analytics dashboard to access meaningful insights and improve school safety.

Situational Awareness

Connect and Protect

Improve school safety, security and comfort through customized monitoring, alerting and reporting.

Situational awareness platform
SAM Video Management Widget



Gather crucial knowledge, in real-time with interactive maps and live video, evidence of incidents, or simply recall past events with ease.

Texas School Safety
Students deserve to feel safe at school.

We agree. Which is why Status Solutions is helping overcome financial barriers by offering our life safety technology to any school across the country.