Advanced technology for Resident Safety, Care and connectedness in Senior Living

Enhance senior living technology to improve safety, engagement, communication and the overall quality of care.

Improving Care Community and Quality of life In Senior Living

Senior living communities strive to provide all the comforts of home (and more) on a much longer scale. As the senior population grows, providing residents, staff and families with an environment that fosters independence, effective communication, connectedness, life safety and quality of care is more important than ever. Our senior living technology gives our 1,200+ customers access to the information they want and improves resident safety while keeping staff informed with what they need to provide the highest quality of care.

Resident Engagement

Create a Connected Community

Customize an engagement platform to improve communication and access to information for residents, staff and family members.

Engagement and connectedness
Data and analytics

Data & Analytics

Reveal what's trending in your community

Leverage an analytics dashboard to access meaningful insights.

Situational Awareness

Protect what matters most in your community

Improve safety, security and comfort through customized monitoring, alerting and reporting.

Situational awareness platform
SAM Video Management Widget



Gather crucial knowledge, in real-time with interactive maps and live video, evidence of incidents, or simply recall past events with ease.

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