How Technology Can Help Us Prepare for an Endemic

Masks helping lead us to an endemic

HOW TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP US PREPARE FOR AN ENDEMIC March marks two years since the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. COVID-19 has impacted nearly all Americans and industries from our education system to senior living, business and travel. With the help of technology, leaders of these industries were able to innovate and communicate to maintain […]

How to secure school funding as we return to in-person learning

Secure school funding

HOW TO SECURE SCHOOL FUNDING AS WE RETURN TO IN-PERSON LEARNING Did you know that 54 percent of teens today do not believe schools are equipped to respond effectively to emergency incidents or mental health needs? As schools prepare to return to in-person learning, teachers are considering ways to keep children safe and healthy. Many teachers are […]

New Year, Same Resolution

The new year is often thought of as a time of embracing change and experiencing new beginnings, yet it’s a holiday inexplicably steeped in tradition. The countdown until midnight, the New York City fanfare, and even Mariah Carey having a performance gone awry have become reminders that we’ve seen and done this all before. New […]

The Year the Turkey Fought Back

Fall is my favorite month for many reasons; the beautiful weather, campfires, but most importantly the best holidays. I always look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving at my parents house and I have a lot of fond memories from over the years, but one Thanksgiving, in particular, stands out to me. It was several years ago […]

The Walking Dead Mindset

This blog post is based on an observation by a Status Solutions’ employee and how she believes many of us suffer “The Walking Dead mindset.”

What Matters Most

Because of the many responsibilities that come with running a school or hospital the people who run them are faced with many challenges, but one of the biggest is their responsibility to keep staff, students, and patients safe while maintaining an environment that promotes wellness, learning and social growth.