Leverage your Existing Security Systems and Cameras to Put Eyes on a Situation

With this video management tool, gather crucial knowledge, in real-time with interactive maps and live video, evidence of incidents, or simply recall past events with ease.

SAM - Security Awareness Management

With SAM, you get a seamless and hassle-free security camera video management tool that works with cameras from multiple manufacturers. Record, monitor, and manage your staff effortlessly with our user-friendly tools. What's more? SAM is hardware agnostic, meaning it easily integrates with any third-party system you already have in place. Whether you're a tech-savvy pro or a non-technical user, our intuitive dashboard with interactive mapping and video paging makes it a breeze to use. Get ready to experience the power of SAM and take your security to a whole new level!

Video Management Tool

SAM - Security Awareness Management

Interactive mapping of security devices_SAM

SAM provides:

  • Interactive mapping for door locks, intrusion detection, cameras, access control, and other security and environmental sensors that will display areas in alarm and provide click to “live” camera views
  • Proactive camera alerts from existing video cameras – when your facility has an alert condition, SAM will push the live feed from the nearest video camera to desktops and mobile devices
  • Proactive alerts that include alert data, as well as, display user defined items such as response protocols, site maps, evacuation plans, etc.
  • A management interface for quick access to other systems you interact with and manage (access control, off-site camera systems, visitor lookups, nurse call, theft detection, etc.)
  • Management tools that log user access to systems and allow post- event evaluation of adherence to response protocols
SAM Video Paging

What’s Included?

Details of the Tool

  • MapAssist™

    SAM Includes MapAssist™: Interactive Mapping of security devices with camera hover live view thumbnail

  • Navigation

    SAM includes Navigation: Include all security systems in one interface and track usage via Activity Log

  • Video Paging

    SAM includes Video Paging, providing Video Notification of live or recorded video for all security devices

  • Mapping

    SAM includes Scalable Enterprise Mapping

SAM - Video Management Interface

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