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Status Solutions Offers CATIE Web to Senior Living Communities Free of Charge

CATIE Web Suite pictureIn response to COVID-19, and with the concern for the health and safety of older adults, many of you have made the decision to change your practice on visitation to your continuing care retirement communities. We encourage and support you during this time, as this measure is essential to ensure the well-being of your most vulnerable residents.

We want to stress that social connections are so important during this time, as social isolation in seniors comes with negative health risks. And while family members may not be able to visit their loved ones in person, there are digital ways of staying in touch. Close relationships are a large determinant of physical health and well-being, and technology has the potential to cultivate successful relationships among older adults.

This in mind, we are offering CATIE Web free of charge for any senior living facility who needs it to assist with communication during the coronavirus crisis. With the program, staff members can:

  • Keep residents informed with real-time notices and updates via the platform’s carousel
  • Allow residents to check-in with CATIE once a day and ensure they are safe and secure
  • Video chat with family and friends
  • Facilitate communication to individuals/groups of residents with direct bulletin board messages
  • Allow residents to order food for delivery to their rooms, allowing for easier isolation of potential infected
  • Provide residents with a carefully curated radio station specifically for seniors to brighten their holiday season
  • Use surveys to get feedback from residents and keep tabs on how they are feeling
  • Provide important documents,flyers, or posted materials directly to the residents
  • Keep residents entertained and informed with videos and music

The setup of the website can be done remotely, so there is no risk of unnecessary visitors coming to your community. You will need to provide your own computers, but we will gladly work with you to get the website set up.

Lastly, we’d like to thank all of the staff members at the continuing care retirement communities. You are heroes daily, but you deserve an extra dose of appreciation as you implement these control measures.

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