Improving both safety
and service

Hospitality technology that improves safety, streamlines
communication and enhances the guest experience.

SARA - Situational Awareness and Response Assistant

Technology can be used in hospitality settings to improve both safety and service, protecting people, property and convenience/comfort. SARA is an automated alerting engine that integrates life safety, security and environmental controls, turning alarms from these stand-alone systems into detailed alerts for delivery to virtually any communication device. With SARA, the appropriate response can be initiated according to predefined protocols to ensure staff and patrons get the information they need in the event of an emergency (e.g., fire) or operational disruption (e.g., spa temperature out of set range).

Hospitality Technology

Mass Notification

Real-time, automated alerts and ongoing communication to protect your guests and staff.

  • Real-time emergency alerts and other annoucements deliver to the desired end point (CCTV, phones, email, etc.)
  • Quick Message and reminder capabilities
  • Cloud-based dashboard for managing outgoing alerts
  • Multiple alert devices for each individuals
Hospitality technology to help with emergency alerting

Hospitality Technology

Life Safety

Improve lone worker safety and your hotel’s emergency response with integrated alarm management and real-time, detailed alerts.

  • One-touch alerting, response and escalation through customized dashboards
  • Fixed duress at registration/check-in
  • Mobile duress for lone workers and employees who handle cash
  • Evacuation notices
  • Automated alert escalations

Hospitality Technology

Environmental Monitoring

Avoid property damage, inventory loss and inconvenienced guests and staff.

  • Temperature monitoring (e.g., refrigerators/freezers and saunas/whirlpools)
  • Cigarette busters and water bugs in restrooms
  • Operational status of generators, boilers, HVAC systems, water heaters, whirlpools, saunas, etc.
  • Numerous other sensors and integrations
Alerts presented on both desktop and smartphone.
Hospitality desktop alerts

Hospitality Technology


Increase security and awareness at your hotel with Eyes of SARA and building systems integrations.

  • Live video from integrated security cameras automatically pushed to desired devices
  • Glass break detectors
  • Building systems integrations (i.e. fire panel)
  • Facial recognition capabilities