Smarter Emergency Alerting for Government Entities

Arming individuals associated with government entities with detailed information about potential threats and how to respond — or avoid them.

Protect and inform your staff

Public safety is the top priority for courthouses, municipalities and government facilities that serve "we the people" and also includes agency officials and employees. Administrators are faced with the challenge of keeping their personnel safe, while keeping operations running smoothly. Providing key personnel with the tools to summon immediate assistance in a moment of crisis improves safety for all of those involved. With situational awareness government installations can improve communication, workflow and operations especially in an emergency situation.

SARA - Situational Awareness and response assistant

With the situational awareness the SARA automated alerting engine provides through centralized alarm monitoring, the appropriate response can be initiated according to predefined alerting and escalation protocols to ensure government officials, employees, on-and off-site responders, and the general public get the information they need to respond to an unfolding event as accurately and quickly as possible. SARA can connect all networks and devices for a unified awareness experience, ensuring the right information reaches the right people via the right devices so an unfolding situation can be addressed the right way.

Situational awareness platform


Increase security and awareness with Eyes of SARA and building systems integrations.

  • Camera integration library and live-view camera management dashboard
  • Facial recognition
  • Glass-Break detectors
  • Door/window contact alarms and integration with access control/intrusion and motion detection
  • Building systems integrations (i.e. fire panel)

Mass Notification

Real-time, automated alerts and ongoing communication improves safety among staff.

  • Quick Message and reminder capabilities
  • Cloud-based dashboard for managing outgoing alerts
  • Multiple alert devices for each individual
  • Lockdown notifications
Government safety alert on desktop

Life Safety

Improve emergency response with integrated alarm management and real-time, detailed alerts.

  • Fixed and mobile duress, universal alerting for judges, publics officials and staff both on and off premises
  • Integration with PSAP and CAD to enhance automated dispatch
  • Emergency pull stations in parking garages, common areas or throughout a wide-area, multi-building campus 
  • Automated alert escalations

Environmental Monitoring

Avoid property damage, inventory loss and inconvenienced staff.

  • Temperature monitoring and logging
  • Water leak and humidity detection
  • Status of equipment (HVAC, boilers, etc.)
  • Numerous other sensors and integrations

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