Ensure Campus Safety & Protect your University With Smarter Emergency Alerting

Deliver detailed information to students, professors and staff about what’s happening, where it’s happening, and what to do about it - or how to avoid it.

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Keeping your University Campus Safe

Students, professors, and staff deserve to feel safe when they walk onto their campus. Every day universities are faced with meeting this expectation while maintaining an environment that promotes learning and social growth. When provided with a solution that ties your current safety systems together onto one platform and an innovative partner, universities can ensure the safety of their students and staff.

SARA - Situational Awareness and response assistant

With SARA, disparate life safety and security systems work together so that professors, students or an entire campus can receive specific information about an unfolding situation and how to respond — or avoid it. Therefore, you don’t have to replace your existing alarm or communication systems and critical information reaches responders or other audiences via multiple devices to initiate the appropriate response. In addition to managing and delivering alerts, SARA also ensures that information continues to reach responders and others as a situation unfolds and details change.

Situational awareness platform

Campus Safety

Mass Notification

Real-time, automated alerts and ongoing communication delivered straight to students, professors and staff.

  • Quick Message and reminder capabilities
  • Cloud-based dashboard for managing outgoing alerts
  • Multiple alert devices for each individuals

Campus Safety

Environmental Monitoring

Avoid damage on your campus, inventory loss and inconvenienced students and staff.

  • Temperature monitoring and logging
  • Water leak and humidity detection
  • Status of equipment (HVAC, boilers, etc.)
  • Numerous other sensors and integrations
Alerts presented on both desktop and smartphone.

Campus Safety

Life Safety

Improve emergency response on campus with integrated alarm management and real-time, detailed alerts.

  • Fixed and mobile duress, universal alerting
  • Integration to nurse call and wander management
  • Automated alert escalations

Campus Safety


Increase campus security and awareness with Eyes of SARA and building systems integrations.

  • Camera integration library and live-view camera management dashboard
  • Building systems integrations (i.e. fire panel)

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