A Communication Tool GIVING schoolS Access to information, anywhere, Anytime

Delivering digitized content to students, teachers and parents to keep everyone informed with real-time information.

CATIE - Communication and access to information everywhere

CATIE is an all-screen solution that enhances communication, day-to-day efficiencies, safety and data analysis.

Provide teachers with a tool to deliver digitized content and record important day-to-day information while giving students, parents and administration access to information they need.

Communication tool used in schools
Coming to a Screen Near You

Access CATIE on any device.

CATIE In-Room Portal is an always-on appliance that lives in a teacher’s classroom and provides access to information and communication tools.

Teachers can leverage this tool to record attendance, students’ mood, class schedules and so much more.

CATIE Web is a web-based communication tool within the CATIE solution suite that provides users access to the same rich content provided on the portal device.

The browser-based tool allows students, teachers, parents and administration to access and distribute important information regarding their school. This customizable solutions provides users with options for elearning, activity registration, mass notification, and much more.

CATIE TV is a digital signage application that can be setup on any existing television with an HDMI connection and uses the same content management system as CATIE Portal and Web.

CATIE TV can be used a communication tool and programmed to display banners, information and even emergency alerts in common areas and classrooms.

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