The Christ Hospital

A picture of the front of The Christ Hospital

The Christ Hospital Improves Workflow and Patient Care with Status Solutions’ Situational Awareness Technology Opportunity Executives at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, made a bold decision in 2007 to integrate multiple nurse call systems and automate emergency code broadcasting, which had been a manual process for the PBX operator of this 555-bed acute care […]

What Matters Most

Because of the many responsibilities that come with running a school or hospital the people who run them are faced with many challenges, but one of the biggest is their responsibility to keep staff, students, and patients safe while maintaining an environment that promotes wellness, learning and social growth.

Effective Mobile Health Monitoring

The key to effective mobile health monitoring is turning the data collected into actionable interventions based on personalized care models – in other words, personalized alerting. A mobile health monitoring system with a software-based rules engine can track information clinicians can use to establish baselines indicating an individual’s health and wellness. Then alerts will be […]

Duress Alerting

Duress alerting falls into two categories: fixed and mobile. Fixed panic buttons are installed as permanent fixtures and used to indicate a specific or coded alert. For example, each button on a four-button fixed duress device can be programmed for a different alert: student fight, medial emergency such as a hurt or injured student or […]