Turn Insights Into Action - Reveal trends within your school

View your school's aggregated data on an analytics dashboard to gain meaningful insights on what's going on at your school and with your students.

MIMI - Merging information into meaningful insights

Our newest solution incorporates the most relevant data within our solution suite and presents it on an analytics dashboard - providing school with information regarding a whole district, a school or an individual student.
- Advanced reporting from our entire solution suite
- Personalized dashboards for district, staff and family
- Student snapshot for family and staff

With MIMI your school can leverage data driven insights to approach changes in student behavior.

Merging Information into Meaningful Inisights

Information Leads to Intervention

Coming to a Screen Near You

Access MIMI on any device.

Analytics dashboard for facilitiesThe District Portal allows organizations to access information regarding a specific school or across their entire district. The powerful business intelligence tool compiles data and presents it in a consumable way allowing adminstrators the insight needed to address concerns before they become emergencies or negatively impact operations. Mood history, alarm history, attendance, grades, etc. can all be viewed based on a time slice and outliers such as the amount of classes a student missed can be quickly identified to help determine root cause, so whatever needed action can be taken.

Analytics dashboard for staff.The Staff Portal allows caregivers to view a snapshot of information about a resident prior to providing care, check-in to a resident’s room and record notes once they leave. Staff members can easily input the reason for and/ or the level of care provided, the observed mood of the resident, internal notes for other staff members, and even notes for family members if given permission by adminstration to do so.

Analytics dashboard for family members.The Family Portal allows family members to gain basic insights into a particular student’s overall wellbeing at school. Through this portal they can view their overall mood, notes from teachers, attendance, involvement in activities and more. 

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