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Not everyone has the same problems, we get that. Status Solutions works with you to identify your desired outcomes and we customize a solution for you to achieve them.



At Status Solutions we are committed to providing you with an innovative partner to secure and maintain your vision. Basically, we’ve got your back.



For 20 years we've been providing situational awareness technology solutions through our industry experience and unique business models, across the US and Canada.



We believe it’s our responsibility to leave a situation better than we found it and we want to help people. It’s as simple as that.

From Crisis to Communication

Status Solutions is your partner in protecting what matters most. For the last 20 years, we’ve made it our mission to evolve with the changes that impact the safety of your students, residents, customers, and employees, as well as your property and business assets. We’ve learned how to adapt to what’s happening in the world, but more importantly, we make it our priority to stay nimble enough to custom-build a safety solution that works for you.

Status Solutions has built a reputation for being a pioneer, and now a master, of situational awareness services, including life safety assurance, real-time security monitoring and data analysis, environmental awareness, and mass notification technologies. We carefully craft custom software solutions that give your team awareness of what’s happening, empower them to take action, and then provide the analysis that helps them adapt and stay ahead of threats, no matter how mundane or extreme.

Our Solutions Suite


Situational Awareness and Response Assistant

Our pilot solution, SARA is an alarm manager that allows organizations to pull together all their siloed systems into one uniform alerting platform, creating a convenient hub to capture and respond to any triggering event.


Communication and Access to Information Everywhere

communication platform that can be used in organizations such as schools and senior living communities for self-service needs, allowing staff to easily communicate with those they are responsible for while also securely tracking data that can inform safety decisions.


Merging Information into meaningful insights

Taking our monitoring, communication, and tracking software to the next level, MIMI is our revolutionary platform for data analytics and advanced reporting for all our available solutions.


Security Awareness Management

SAM is a security management platform that is hardware agnostic. SAM includes security camera video management from multiple manufacturers, recording, monitoring, staff management tools, and the ability to easily include 3rd party systems. Designed for the intermittent and non-technical user, SAM provides an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard with interactive mapping and video paging.

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