Innovation is a journey, not a destination

Stay on the cutting edge with ongoing access to unlimited licensing of our newest and most advanced solutions.

Innovation is never finished

How organizations offer positive experiences and excellent services, while keeping everyone safe, is constantly changing. At Status Solutions we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing not only the leading capabilities of today but growing with our customers and working hand-in-hand to overcome the obstacles ahead, together. Our Innovation Program gives you the opportunity to partner with Status Solutions long-term and provides you with ongoing access to unlimited licensing of our newest and most advanced solutions, as situational awareness evolves over time. These solutions not only help organizations meet their current desired outcomes, but helps prepare them to overcome future challenges.

What is it?

The Innovation Program

The Innovation Program is an opportunity to partner with Status Solutions long-term and continue to receive the benefits associated with innovation as situational awareness solutions evolve over time. The Innovation Program provides unlimited access to the entire Status Solutions software suite that currently exists, as well as all future software enhancements added through the life of the contract. 

Situational awareness platform

Status Solutions’ Innovation Program


Our Program gives ongoing access to unlimited licensing of solutions that:

Benefits of the Innovation program


As a partner, provide feedback to Status Solutions that will directly influence ongoing development


Participate in customized forums with other Innovation Program members to collaborate on common issues/solutions

Give Back

Give back to your local community by connecting Status Solutions with local schools to provide safety technology


Connect with local schools or local senior living communities to promote intergenerational engagement

Learn more about the Innovation Program

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