Creating a Safe and Secure Manufacturing Environment

Improve communication, efficiencies and safety in your manufacturing/distribution plant with situational awareness.

Protect and inform your Floor staff

Working in manufacturing and distribution can often be dangerous: From operating heavy machinery to being responsible for maintaining equipment, there are many things that workers must be constantly aware of to ensure their safety. With enhanced situational awareness, manufacturers can ensure lone worker safety while improving communication and workflow.

SARA - Situational Awareness and response assistant

Emergency alerting and response management is critical in manufacturing plants, as well as in warehouses and distribution facilities. Situational awareness increases favorable outcomes in terms of worker safety, preventing equipment failures, stopping inventory loss, and ensuring production uptime in these environments.

Situational awareness platform

SARA provides integrated alarm management for all life safety, security and environmental monitoring systems to ensure that real-time, detailed alerts are delivered to designated communication end points, from smartphones to LED wallboards. With right-now awareness, key individuals, select personnel groups or an entire workforce in a manufacturing facility will know what’s happening so they can take appropriate action – from a machine being down to enacting a lockdown or full evacuation.

Mass Notification

Alerts should be delivered in real time to multiple groups via multiple channels. Event-triggered mass notification provides redundancy, which is critical to life safety. Mass notification also can be campaign-triggered, meaning tailored to a specific group to improve communication on a loud industrial floor or get information to employees in a remote warehouse.

  • Quick Message and reminder capabilities
  • Cloud-based dashboard for managing outgoing alerts
  • Multiple alert devices for each individual

Environmental Monitoring

Avoid property damage, inventory loss, production downtime and injuries.

  • Machine/equipment monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring and logging
  • Water leak and humidity detection
  • Integration to inventory management systems
  • Numerous other sensors and integrations
Man at manufacturing facility

Life Safety

Enable any individual on any device on any network to respond to unfolding situations more quickly, initiate alerts and associated response plans more effectively, and escalate/notify others as necessary – all from one user interface

  • Fixed and mobile duress, universal alerting
  • Integration to nurse call and wander management
  • Automated alert escalations


Increase security and situational awareness with Eyes of SARA and building systems integrations.

  • Camera integration library and live-view camera management dashboard
  • Building systems integrations (i.e. fire panel)