New Year, Same Resolution

The new year is often thought of as a time of embracing change and experiencing new beginnings, yet it’s a holiday inexplicably steeped in tradition. The countdown until midnight, the New York City fanfare, and even Mariah Carey having a performance gone awry have become reminders that we’ve seen and done this all before. New Years even grapples with the balance between luck and resolutions. But whether we create a list of concrete actions to follow in the New Year or choose to kiss a loved one, eat twelve grapes, or down a spoonful of sauerkraut for good fortune, what we’re really looking for is a better future. 

That’s what has always been most important to us at Status Solutions: creating a better future.  A better future for the children we send to school, the medical staff that care for us, the first responders who are there when we need them, and anyone else. Our resolution has always been to help people by defeating ignorance based loss, and each year only offers new opportunities for us to do so.

With our expertise in situational awareness and our commitment to growing with our customers, we are able to continually improve and expand our technologies to meet the changing needs of the world around us. Rather than offering systems that only address one issue, Status Solutions works with organizations to identify their desired outcomes and creates a customized solution to achieve them. Our solutions arm the right people with the right information so they can take proper action in any situation. The ways in which people receive and communicate information is always subject to change, but the need to have this information will always remain. This is why we have created a platform that can continue to meet our customer’s needs, even when times or circumstances change. Although we cannot see the future, we are always striving to make it a better one.

So whether you’re embracing the new or getting around to the things you’ve always wanted to do (or maybe a little of both), here’s to a better future!

2021 Clipboard

Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

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