How’s Your Wireless Infrastructure?

Technology is always changing because new innovations, capabilities and functionality are being discovered and then developed on new platforms. Frequency Agile (FA) technology was state-of-the-art 15 years ago, but Inovonics introduced the EchoStream (EN) radio platform in 2009, and it is now the standard for commercial wireless products because it offers the best performance. The FA product line officially reached its end of life in 2011. RIP. 

Status Solutions was an early adopter of EN because we’re committed to providing customers with the best solutions, and this new platform enabled us to enhance our own capabilities, including SPS, SARA’s Positioning System, a patent-pending vector-mapping technology that provides enhanced location support for mobile duress devices. With the approximate location of a mobile alarm, responders can find those who need help more quickly.

A lot of FA devices used for life safety (e.g., pull cords, wall pendants, smoke detectors, etc.) and security (e.g., motion sensors, door and window contacts alarms) are still out there, but eventually these devices will fail. If you’ve built your life safety and emergency call/response infrastructure on FA, do you have a plan to transition to EN?

We can help – and not just by replacing FA devices with EN ones but also by giving you the tools you need to implement a comprehensive situational awareness strategy. With SARA on the EN platform, you can centralize and automate monitoring, alerting and reporting for all of your life safety, security and environmental monitoring systems. You also can enhance mass notification to ensure that the right people get the right information on the right devices in real time to protect people, property, business and convenience.

Feel free to contact us for information on our FA to EN Upgrade Program, which runs through December 31. Get the latest in wireless technology for reliable emergency call – and so much more.

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