CATIE Mobile: A School Safety Application that Transforms Chaos into Calm

Giving our Teachers the School Safety Application they Need for Drills and Emergencies

When I was a teacher, I was fortunate that every fire drill we ever had was just that —a drill. Teachers are aware of most of them, usually when the administration runs them, however, the local fire department comes into the school multiple times a year and will pull the alarm when no one’s expecting it. This of course gives a more real-world glance at how a school is going to handle an actual fire. Sometimes the fire department will even pull a student aside to see if the school is able to recognize that not everyone is accounted for because the truth is emergencies happen at very inconvenient times, during classroom changes, bathroom breaks, or even dismissal. As an educator, keeping track of who you’re responsible for and where they are can be daunting, but with the proper school safety application it doesn’t have to be. 

Teachers and administrators do the best they can with what they have and I salute them, but this is the reality of how I had to handle a fire drill at every one of the multiple schools I was at. After I escorted everyone out of the building, I would then have to take a student count, which meant I had to remember how many students were in that period. If it was 3rd period I might have 27 kids. If it was 9th I might have 32. I had to remember my classroom total for each of the 8 periods I taught. Then I had to remember who was absent that day. Sometimes I would know that I had seen a student in the hall earlier that day, but where was he now? Why wasn’t he in line with the other kids? I’d have to find out from another student that he had gone home sick. Or even worse, sometimes I’d just know that I was missing a student but wasn’t even sure who. Then I’d have to ask the students to help. Who is missing? I’d yell and they’d all start looking around and taking their own count of their friends trying to help. There had to be a better way.

I’ve always said that an educator’s first and most important responsibility is to protect their students. The CATIE Mobile school safety application is the answer to this problem. It is a powerful tool that empowers schools to effectively handle drills and emergencies. This comprehensive application serves as an essential lifeline, alerting users to emergencies or practice drills. It simplifies the process of checking in and marking one’s safety and location, enabling administrators, teachers, and first responders to swiftly access and assess this crucial information and take appropriate action.

Mustering check-in screen on CATIE Mobile School Safety ApplicationOne of the key features of CATIE Mobile is its mustering abilities. In the event of an emergency, this safety application allows students, teachers, and staff to provide real-time updates on their location and status. In other words, users can easily mark their location, even if it’s different from the suggested options, and indicate if they require medical attention. Moreover, teachers can mark their students as safe when they have visual contact with them.

CATIE Mobile also seamlessly integrates with your emergency alerting platform, ensuring that real-time information is promptly relayed to designated individuals, groups, and first responders. This integration enables quick communication and efficient action during crises, guaranteeing that everyone is accounted for and out of harm’s way.

It integrates data from your student information system, granting you a comprehensive overview of the school’s population and enabling swift identification of any missing individuals. If a student is marked absent in the student information system, CATIE Mobile will also identify them as absent. This prevents the exact scenario I described above, teachers wasting precious time searching for a student who is not even on campus.

After an emergency event or drill, CATIE Mobile generates insightful reports that can be analyzed to identify areas for improvement. This invaluable feature allows schools to review and enhance their emergency preparedness plans, ensuring continuous growth and improved safety measures. This is so important because despite the number of drills schools conduct, rarely do changes occur from the experience.

Active Alerts on School Safety ApplicationThe CATIE Mobile school safety application is an indispensable tool for creating a safe and conducive learning environment in our schools. Its mustering abilities, customizable alarms, seamless integration with emergency alerting platforms, informed location and health check-ins, and post-event data analysis capabilities provide schools with the ability to handle emergencies with confidence and efficiency. It’s the tool I wish I’d had when I was a teacher and the tool I wish my children’s teachers had. 

For over twenty years, Status Solutions has been helping to ensure the safety and well-being of students. Contact us today to learn how we can help and to learn about the investment we are willing to make in your school district to overcome funding hurdles. Reach out at or 866-846-7272.

About the Author

Laura Hartman is a former middle school and high school English teacher. Currently, she is a Marketing Specialist for Status Solutions in Westerville, Ohio,  where she calls upon her years of experience in the classroom to aid the company’s mission of protecting the vulnerable and preventing violence in schools.

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