Why Shalem Haven Selected Innovative Situational Awareness

This blog post is about Shalem Haven, a non-profit supported senior living facility in Calgary, Alberta, selecting Situational Awareness to provide superior life safety and security for their residents.

The Shalem Society for Senior Care had a unique set of requirements when they began looking for an alerting system.  Being a non-profit that wanted to provide their clients with the highest quality care, they needed a system that was state of the art as well as flexible. With the addition of Shalem Haven to their campus, they wanted to make sure they had the right monitoring, emergency and security system in place.  They turned to Priority Communication Systems and Status Solutions for the answer. 

Because the Shalem Society for Senior Care is a non-profit organization choosing the right system required the approval of the board.  According to Holly Sinclair, manager at the Shalem Haven, having the support of your board is crucial which is why the board president was heavily involved in the process. After viewing the SARA demonstration, the board president understood the system’s capabilities and how it could be utilized on their campus.  With this knowledge in the hand the site’s administrators and board voted to purchase the SARA system.  

Shalem Haven provides superior assistive care for residents that live independently in their 43 unit building.  Each resident has a mobile pendant to call for help. When a mobile pendant is activated, SARA sends an alert to those assigned to respond via their designated communication devices. The alert includes the approximate location of the alarm as well as the ID associated with the activated pendant.

The SARA system has made an impactful difference in the lives of the clients, families and employees.  

According to Holly Sinclair, Manager at Shalem Haven “the biggest thing is peace of mind. It is a very big deal when I tour people here that they know that [SARA] is in place for their parents… And the residents know they’re safe.” Shalem chose the SARA system in 2013 because they believed it was the best system available, and now three years later they feel the same way.   

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