What If Your Building Could Talk to You?

Wouldn’t it be great if your building could talk? If it could tell you what’s going on so you could potentially avoid all sort of problems such as:

  • Leaving doors open by mistake, causing security risk and lost heating and cooling
  • Missing a call for assistance, meaning someone got hurt
  • Losing production time and therefore money due to equipment malfunctions that could have been avoided or corrected with early detection or better tools for preventive maintenance
  • Losing quality staff to other employers because they don’t feel as safe as they should 
  • Losing staff time because they have to make maintenance sweeps
  • Experiencing communication breakdowns due to inefficient notification protocols
  • Losing academic time because nobody knew the pump, well, compressor, etc., had quit
  • Throwing away food because nobody knew a refrigerator was on the blink

Planned ignorance isn’t a sound business strategy, but planned awareness is. Time to get strategic about risk management. Thankfully, it doesn’t take that much effort or money to implement situational awareness for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification.  

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