There’s No Such Thing as an Accident

This blog post is about the importance of monitoring and alerting in manufacturing and distributions facilities.

Imagine this, it’s 6 o’clock and Hannah is waiting for her husband Ted, to return home from the factory. It’s a Friday night and she, Ted, and their two kids always eat family dinner to start the weekend, but he seems to be running late this evening. After she sets the table and he still hasn’t arrived she begins to worry but doesn’t want to scare the kids. Just minutes later the phone rings and Hannah picks up hoping to hear from Ted, but instead she is informed that he was in an accident.

The men and women with jobs in manufacturing take a risk every day that they go into work, but for those of us that don’t work in the manufacturing and distribution industry it is easy to forget how dangerous it actually is. However, the employees and their families know that there is a certain level of risk that comes along with these professions. All it takes is one person trying to get the job done faster, someone forgetting to turn off machinery, or a missed gas leak. Unfortunately, human error happens and we don’t think about how skipping a small procedural step can interrupt business operations and result in a serious injury or even loss of life ; that just one decision can be the difference between returning home to our families after a day’s work or never returning at all.

At Status Solutions we want to help ensure these workers return home each day the same way they left, there is nothing more valuable than a person’s life. There is no such thing as an accident, something as small as forgetting to change the batteries of a smoke detector or simply leaving a door open can gravely affect business operations in a manufacturing or distribution facility. In factories, life safety, operations, and environmental monitoring can be improved by automating various processes that are often overlooked by people. This means certain situations can be monitored, such as temperature shifts, pipe leaks, or necessary battery replacement, so the right person can be alerted with detailed information about the issue to get the job or situation handled as quickly as possible. This automates the process and eliminates human error, reduces distractions and allows employees to safely focus on their job. With the comfort of knowing they are in a safe environment employees can work with a clear mind and spend less time worrying about menial tasks, fixing preventable situations and spend more time worrying about their lives.

There’s no such thing as an accident. Steps can be taken to proactively address potential problems, rather than ignoring small issues and allowing them to escalate into an emergency situation. Why not do everything in your power to prevent a potential disaster? No loss of money or time could ever compare to the loss of a life.

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