Societal Megatrends Shape Business

Self-service is one of four megatrends shaping society and subsequently technology and business. The others are convergence, mobility and awareness. Convergence refers to the confluence of voice, data, wireless and even body-area networks that provide an unprecedented level of connectivity and therefore information access. Mobility enables that information to be at our fingertips 24×7 without tether. And awareness means having real-time knowledge of any situation that could threaten lives, property, business operations or convenience/comfort.

Status Solutions’ business model is based on producing positive societal impacts, so we’ve acknowledged and embraced these megatrends. In fact, our innovations are driven by them. It’s our CATIE solution that’s ushering in automated self-service for seniors. Whatever they want done, they can push a few buttons and make it happen.

Although the senior living industry has been slow to adopt technology except when required by government regulations, future residents will require it. Today’s seniors are feeling younger, living longer and still desire meaningful activities and experiences.

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