Situational Awareness, the Perfect Gift for Everyone this Holiday Season

This blog is about Kyle Weir’s, Status Solutions employee, personal perspective on “the perfect gift.” 

When you think of the perfect gift, what do you think of? Do you think of the shiny new toy this holiday season? Do you think of the newest gadget? That new Apple Watch, perhaps? Many people think the perfect gift is the next best thing. I like to think that the best gift of the season is the “You’ll be happy that you got it, when you need it” gift. Like that giant sweater that from the moment you see it, you know you’re hiding in the back of the closet. Though, on that freezing winter night in, when a blanket is just not enough, you’ll bring it out. Happy you got it then, aren’t you? Or that deluxe first-aid kit that you just put in your trunk? Hopefully, you won’t ever have to use it. But when you do, you’re thankful it was gifted to you. Do you know what they really got you? They got you Situational Awareness, pretty cool eh? They gave you something that, in the case of cold weather, or an accident on the road, and so on, will help you respond and be proactive about the situation.  

We all know we don’t want to buy those things for ourselves. That’s why deep down in our subconscious we rely on others to get them for us. Hate to admit it, but it’s true. We’re willing to buy it for someone else as a gift, because it makes us feel good and helpful.  That’s why I feel passionate about being a community liaison for Status Solutions’ School Solutions Network. Through School Solutions Network we are providing a way for everyone in the community to give the gift of Situational Awareness to their local schools. So many districts are faced with the challenge of just keeping up with day to day activities they find it difficult to take on anything more. So why not provide it for them? Why not feel good about giving that gift to not just one person, but to an entire school? You would be helping more people than you know. That’s why the “You’ll be happy that you got it, when you need it” gift is my favorite. 

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