Transform Your Senior Living Facility and Empower Your Residents with CATIE

In this blog post, you will learn how CATIE improves and transforms the lives of seniors. Learn more about CATIE by watching the video at the conclusion of this post.

The Silent Generation refers to people born between 1925 and 1945, about 50 million individuals. Several theories exist as to why they are labeled as such, but we know that this group was influenced by the Great Depression, World War II and the McCarthy era that probably made them cautious about what they said and with whom they associated. These are proud people; they don’t complain, another reason for the silent moniker. 

And because they don’t complain, we may not know how they really feel. So perhaps more than any other segment of our society, they need us to make their lives better. Imagine the indignity of falling and laying helpless for hours. It was this scenario that drove me to deliver mobile duress to this constituency. It helps, plain and simple. Similarly, if seniors don’t have communication capability, they should not do without. If they don’t have service, they should not do without. 

We live in a digital society, but there’s a large segment of the population that’s digitally isolated.

Isolation shortens live spans, so when it comes to social engagement, brain fitness and overall life quality, there’s no time to waste in providing electrons to seniors. Just look at these statistics: 

  • 15–20% of adults in the United States older than 65 have experienced some form of depression.
  • Feelings of loneliness increase the odds of an older adult developing dementia by 64%.
  • Seniors with an active social life may have a slower rate of memory decline.
  • Close relationships between grandparents and grandchildren have proved to decrease feelings of depression for both generations.
  • Internet use leads to a 33% reduction in the probability of depression.

If you’re a senior living provider, you can ensure that current residents stay active, engaged and connected to the world around them. And you can attract the next generation of seniors who are feeling younger, living longer and have high expectations for amenities in addition to health care.

An Overview of CATIE

CATIE is a communication and self-service technology that will give your residents the ability to access information and request services at their fingertips – not in the lobby or computer room down the hall – you’ll transform the resident experience. And you’ll distinguish yourself as a provider that really wants to enrich the lives of those in your care today and tomorrow.

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