See You at the OACUSA Spring Conference

This blog is about sponsoring the OACUSA Spring Conference and how situational awareness can improve safety and security at colleges and universities.

To address the increasing safety and security threats on college and university campuses the Ontario Association of College and University Security Administers (OACUSA) was established in 2002 by five founding members. Their mission is “to promote a safe and secure learning and working environment and to enhance the safety of persons and security of property at Ontario Colleges and Universities.”  Since their founding, OACUSA has grown to include 112 institutional and associate members representing 38 Ontario colleges and universities. Their spring conference starts tomorrow, Tuesday, May 23. The focus of this year’s conference is “Collaboration for a Safer Campus.”

Status Solutions is excited be a part of this year’s OACUSA spring conference.

For us collaboration means involving community stakeholders. Safety and security cannot only be addressed on campus, but it also needs to incorporate the surrounding community as well. That is why we started the School Solutions Network. The School Solutions Network strengthens K-12 schools by leveraging innovative technology and education, expert counsel and community resources. In an ever-evolving world faced with strained resources, growing needs and wide-ranging threats, schools should not be alone in the pursuit of safety. Although this initiative focuses on K-12 schools the principle of bringing the community together to provide safer schools applies for higher education as well. 

We are thrilled to announce that Philip Hamlin, Territory Manager for Status Solutions, will speak at the Platinum Sponsor Mixer on May 23

Philip Hamlin has more than a seven year tenure with Status Solutions helping customers in education, healthcare, manufacturing and government services customize situational awareness systems for their specific needs.

Please stop by our booth to learn about the Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA). Situational awareness was originally a military term to describe a pilot’s operational status, but today it has transformed into a risk management strategy that enables users to know what is happening at a building, site or entire campus. SARA’s powerful ability to integrate with existing systems (security, fire, climate control, etc.) creates a unified alerting platform and because of these integration capabilities it is not necessary to rip and replace existing systems, which saves money while providing centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting. 

An additional solution that we will be demonstrating at OACUSA Spring Conference is SARA’s eMessenger mobile. We developed SARA’s eMessenger mobile because in today’s connected world no one is chained to their desk. SARA’s eMessenger mobile allows you to receive alerts while on the go. Smartphones are suddenly transformed into a mobile dashboard with the ability to initiate, receive, acknowledge and act on these notifications right from the convenience of a mobile device. Receive an instant sensor triggered notification that a toilet is overflowing. Initiate an alert when a suspicious person is seen on campus. Report a maintenance issue with a touch of a button. These are just a few examples of how SARA’s eMessenger mobile can improve operations and security on campus.

We look forward to sharing these as well as other exciting situational awareness technologies and solutions at the OACUSA Spring Conference to help improve your campus’ safety and security. See you there!

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