School’s Out But Principals are Still Busy

This blog post discusses the National Principals Conference and why Status Solutions chose to attend.

School is out for the summer but that doesn’t mean school principals and administrators’ jobs are finished. On July 9, principals and school leaders came together in Philadelphia for the inaugural National Principals Conference.  The organizing principle of this conference is to “build transition bridges and fully prepare students for success in school and beyond.” Since our inception Status Solutions has been committed to creating safe and secure school environments.  Because of this commitment we were excited to attend this year’s conference and share our expertise and understanding of the importance of technological solutions to school safety and the importance of community involvement

School safety and security weigh on the minds of K-12 principals and school leaders.

For over 16 years Status Solutions has helped schools manage risk.  Our President, Mike MacLeod, founded Status Solutions after the Columbine tragedy knowing schools would benefit from situational awareness technology. Situational awareness originally described a pilot’s operational status, but now is widely implemented as a risk management strategy.  Knowing what is happening in or around the school or campus, allows for quick and appropriate action to be taken.

The Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA) integrates with a school’s existing systems (fire panel, access control, security system, etc.) and sends alerts to the appropriate individual(s) for immediate action. These integrated systems no longer operate in silos, but instead they are transformed into one powerful alerting platform. SARA streamlines processes with unified alerting, and also provides reports to evaluate response times and improve procedures.

School safety and security are not just the responsibilities of the principal, teachers, staff, parents, and students, but it is also essential to have the community involved.

At Status Solutions we believe community is an integral part of creating safe schools, and this is why we’ve established the School Solutions Network. The School Solutions Network  is a social enterprise that collaborates with K-12 schools by leveraging Status Solutions’ innovative technology, awareness education, expert counsel and community resources.  The School Solutions Network provides a direct line of communication between schools and communities – including local law enforcement, merchants and nonprofits – to utilize the resources and alleviate the needs of both groups. The School Solutions Network also offers ongoing education through interactive panels, programming and workshops to teach students, staff and communities how to proactively assess and address risk in order to identify and improve areas of weakness before a situation arises.

Learn more about the School Solutions Network.

The discussions at the conference concerning school safety confirmed once again that situational awareness technology is part of the solution.  We appreciated the opportunity to discuss these important topics and solutions with the country’s top educational leaders and look forward to collaborating with schools and communities to ensure all students have a safe and secure learning environments. 

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