Meet Us At Together We Care

This blog post discusses the upcoming Together We Care event. Stop by booth 1330 to learn more about SARA, SARA’s eMessenger and CATIE.

Technological innovations have significantly altered senior living clients’ expectations and those of their families.  It is no longer enough to simply provide a comfortable room and bed. The model has shifted from an institutionally based one to a hospitality based one. Innovation and technology leadership are now of the highest importance in the industry.  Status Solutions has been at the forefront of developing and championing technological solutions that have revolutionized the quality of care and service for our seniors.  Because of our commitment to constant innovation we are excited to attend Canada’s largest gathering of long term care and retirement home professionals at the Together We Care Conference and Expo in Toronto April 3-5. The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) and Ontario Retirement Communities Association (ORCA) hosts the conference and this year is slated to be the largest yet. 

Together We Care provides industry thought leadership and a platform for the introduction of new technologies. 

Stop by booth 1330 to learn about the Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA). Situational awareness was originally a military term to describe a pilot’s operational status. Today it is a risk management strategy that enables users to know what is going on at a building, site or campus.  The power of SARA is having one alerting platform that integrates existing systems – security, fire, wander guard, climate control, etc.  Because SARA integrates with what is already in place at a site, there is no need to rip and replace existing systems, saving money and providing convenience and reporting. 

We’ll also have a demo of SARA’s eMessenger at our booth. SARA’s eMessenger sends alerts to networked desktop computers or mobile devices.  Nursing staff and other employees can now receive information on their desktops or mobile phones, keeping staff informed without bothering residents. SARA’s eMessenger improves workflow by allowing an alert to be activated with the simple touch of the button.  Alerts can be cleared just as easily from the convenience of your mobile device or phone.  You can also see who has responded to an alert, preventing support redundancy.

Another solution we will present is CATIE (Communication and Access To Information Everywhere). Mike MacLeod developed CATIE as a self-service solution to keep seniors connected.  One struggle many seniors battle is loneliness and isolation. CATIE is an always on in-room-portal that provides a simple interface to connect residents with the world around them.  Residents now have access to voice reply email so they can see photos from children, grandchildren, and others and record their response with out having to type a single word. No longer is a flyer or activity board necessary to announce what is happening on campus. CATIE displays this information with a click of a button and allows seniors the ability to sign up. Menus can also be easily accessed and updated whenever a change in schedule occurs. These are just a few of CATIE’s benefits, please come by our booth for a complete demo.

This will be our 8th Together We Care event.  Status Solutions is committed to making the aging process better through innovation.  We look forward to sharing our solutions with you at this exciting event.  See you there.

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