Life Safety Alarm Integration

We started talking about life safety as the primary application area for situational awareness. First, we covered fixed and mobile duress; now I want to go back and talk about other life safety alarm systems.

Wander management, infant abduction, telemetry devices, fire panels – virtually any life safety alarm system can be integrated for a single point of alarm management. Such unification removes technology silos, ensuring that critical data is harnessed and routed automatically to the right people so they can deal with an unfolding situation in the right way.

While fire panels and other alarm systems can signal an emergency via sirens and strobe lights, they don’t provide critical details. A fire alarm goes off when smoke is detected, but it doesn’t tell you where the fire is or where the nearest exits are located so the safest evacuation route can be determined.

SARA integrates all life safety systems for centralized monitoring and alerting/mass notification and reporting. Inefficient, stand-alone alarms then are converted into detailed alerts delivered in real time to key individuals, select groups or entire populations via the designated communication end points — from smartphones to PA systems and virtually any device in between.

SARA generates detailed alerts, including the nature of the alert plus location data — critical information that can improve response in terms of both the right action and the right timing.

The SARA system helps both onsite and offsite authorities better and faster determine where an incident is occurring. This level of detail, made possible with SARA’s vector-mapping capabilities, helps those onsite and offsite contain or isolate a situation – often enabling a crisis to be minimized or extinguished before occupants learn that something occurred.

Next week, we’ll talk about environmental monitoring.

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