SARA Added to ICON Cloud Solutions’ Service-based Plans for Security and Environmental Monitoring

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New cloud-based security and environmental monitoring program, in partnership with Status Solutions, helps customers protect business continuity by minimizing disruptive events

ICON Cloud Solutions, specializing in the deployment of hosted voice, unified communications and collaboration solutions from its carrier-grade cloud platform, today announced the addition of security and environmental monitoring to its service-based offerings. ICON’s partnership with situational awareness provider Status Solutions enables the expansion of ICON’s service-based offerings to small-business and multi-site customers as an economical way to improve security and environmental monitoring for business continuity. 

“’That will never happen to me’ or ‘that will never happen to us’ are words too often repeated,” said Kevin Kelleher, CEO of ICON Cloud Solutions. “But trust me, when a catastrophic event happens to your company, as it did to ours in the form of a water main break and resulting flood, you really place a premium on a business continuity program that proactively monitors and protects your assets. Of course, we were insured for most of the damages, but the real cost was the disruption to our business. ICON Cloud Solutions’ Security and Environmental Monitoring Program provides real protection for your company’s assets, but most important, it provides assurance that your business won’t be traumatized by an unmanageable interruption.”

Status Solutions’ Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA), an automated alerting engine, is widely used by many organizations, especially to enhance life safety through a dedicated, onsite server. However, the addition of SARA to its robust, carrier-grade cloud platform enables ICON Cloud Solutions to provide service-based plans for centralized security and environmental monitoring, alerting and reporting. Examples of two prime uses include:

  • A grocery store chain can use the cloud-based SARA service for temperature monitoring and logging for food storage, with alerts going to the appropriate personnel 24-7 if a freezer or refrigeration unit goes out of acceptable range or stops functioning.
  • A group of local government offices can use the cloud-based SARA service to provide discreet, fixed help buttons to enhance safety and security for employees in cash-handling areas.

”We’ve been working with ICON to expand situational awareness to its customer base since 2011 and we welcome the opportunity to have SARA work in their cloud-based model so more organizations can realize the value of right-now awareness,” says Mike MacLeod, president of Status Solutions. “Real-time, detailed alerts about what’s happening, where it’s happening, and what to do about it not only saves lives, but also protects property and business continuity. We appreciate ICON’s investment in SARA and using the solution to help other companies avoid what they themselves experienced in terms of business interruption.”  

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