Better Communication, Workflow and Service Is Good for Your Business

This blog post is about CATIE, which stands for Communication and Access to Information Everywhere. Learn how it can improve the customer experience at your organization.

Many banks charge a transactional fee to get cash from their ATMs, typically between $2 to $5 per withdrawal. People pay it because they want cash. My belief is that as a general rule people want what they want, and they want it fast and accurate. I like my tall Americano black, and if I’m a mile down the road and then realize there’s cream in my beverage, I am incensed.

Senior living communities – and hospitals and college cafeterias – must handle three square meals a day for hundreds of people. Don’t you think that folks who don’t get what they want will be somewhat ticked off about it?

Situational awareness technology can make a big difference for those being served, as well as those doing the serving. CATIE automates meal administration and eliminates uncertainty and disappointment. But that’s just one application. 

In addition to meals, CATIE automates all of these day-in and day-out workflows:

  • Activity administration
  • Survey administration
  • Transportation administration
  • Healthcare administration
  • Check-in administration
  • Building evacuation administration (fire, flood, etc.)
  • Maintenance administration
  • Visitor administration
  • Suggestion administration
  • Screen administration (TV, digital signage)
  • Intercom administration
  • Temperature administration
  • Lighting administration
  • E-mail administration

Yes, one piece of software can do all of this thanks to computer-telephony integration (CTI). CTI makes it possible to connect disparate systems and databases so they can talk to each other, presenting a unified awareness experience to any user via an Apple iPad interface placed within in a room and/or in common areas.  

From senior living communities and hotels/resorts to universities, conference centers and entertainment venues, hospitality providers have to deliver the best experiences. CATIE can help you improve communication, workflow and service.

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