How to Eliminate the Blind Spots with Eyes of SARA

This blog post discusses the advantages of including Eyes of SARA and video paging with your with situational awareness technology for better risk management.

Situational awareness technology has revolutionized risk management by integrating existing systems such as fire panels, alarm panels, video systems, paging systems, and other disparate systems into one coherent robust monitoring, alerting and reporting platform.  These advancements in situational awareness have greatly increased the ability of sites to monitor and respond to situations as they arise, however there is always room for improvement.  We at Status Solutions, along with our partner VSS, have met this challenge by unleashing the power of video through the development of our Eyes of SARA video management system.  

Video technology has changed the way we live and work.

The Eyes of SARA is a video management system with a browser based intuitive map that provides centralized administration.  Its customizable navigation bar corresponds to a user’s access credentials so their available video feeds are easily accessible. No time is wasted on finding the correct feed. A user can click on a camera from the site or campus map for a particular live camera feed. The Eyes of SARA interface was specifically designed for ease of use.

No longer do you have to watch a screen full of video feeds waiting for something to happen. When a triggering event occurs you will receive a live video alert on your desktop with video paging.  The alert appears regardless of what program is currently open.  There are infinite applications for Eyes of SARA paired with video paging. It can capture egress and ingress, know exactly who entered or exited specific doors at particular times of day, and monitor inventory control. Cameras can be added to secure inventory, medicines, supplies or anything else that needs to be tracked. Regardless of the industry the Eyes of SARA provides a customizable technology that allows a site to visually monitor whatever it deems important.  

Part of what makes Eyes of SARA so powerful is its incorporation of our video paging technology.  

With the ability to receive real-time live video alerts, responders are better equipped to react to the unfolding situation. Not only can video pages include live camera feed, they can also incorporate a prerecorded video describing the best way to address a situation or an emergency. Real-time video provides staff, employees or responders the tools to handle the situation appropriately for the best outcome.Video technology paired with situational awareness platform enhances the ability to manage risk.  By having the power to visually monitor environments with the Eyes of Sara unleashes the power of video.  Please click here to watch the Eyes of SARA webinar or contact inside business development for more information. 

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