Creating Your Technology Eco-system with Innovation

This blog post discusses how multiple solutions can work together to utilize your investment in situational awareness. A webinar link is included at the end.

Although isolated technologies are often powerful, they are amplified when combined and harnessed in a technological eco-system.  When this occurs we have products and services that become indispensable.  A smart phone is one such example.  It can makes calls, send emails, support video calls, report on the weather, play movies, answer voice questions, send text messages, import and export documents, enable web browsing, and a host of other functions.  One device now has the capability of a hundred.  Instead of carrying around a phone, T.V., computer, video camera, thermostat and DVD player we carry around 10 ounce smart phones.  Status Solutions has brought the power of technological eco-systems to the field of situational awareness.  

Our Innovation Partnership Program provides a situational awareness eco-system to improve the life safety and wellbeing of residents, while creating operational efficiencies for staff members, and administrators.

Status Solutions has a portfolio of software-based solutions that enhance life safety, security and communication that are intended to enhance the investment you have already made in your SARA system.  

  • Mobile dashboards: make your smart phone even smarter with situational awareness on the go. Receive alerts and/or activate an alert right from your phone, see who has acknowledged and responded to the alert – all conveniently from one interface. Caregivers are no longer stuck as their desk waiting for an alert to come in; they can receive the alert on their smart phone wherever they are.
  • Desktop Alerts: receive a notification or alert on your desktop regardless of other applications in use. These notifications can be color-coded text and audio alerts to immediately distinguish announcements from emergencies.  Let employees know of a severe weather warning, so they can follow the emergency procedure and prepare the residents and other staff. 
  • Video Paging: integrate video cameras so responders can see live feeds from a triggering event.  Add a video camera to a service door so when the door bell is pressed, you can see live video in the alert and can unlock the door for deliveries.
  • Workflow application known as CATIE (Communication and Access To Information Everywhere): keep your campus up to date with the latest information with automated activity and menu schedules.  When a scheduled activity changes from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. the residents know about it before showing up for class. 
  • Digital signage/electronic bulletin board via CCTV: deliver emergency alerts and other content or announcements through CCTVs.  These modern bulletin boards help residents stay engaged by knowing the scheduled activities, when the mail is in and emergency alerts.  You no longer need to print a new activity schedule when there is a change, simply login to the system and update it instantly saving paper and time.
  • Wide-area mobile duress with fall detection: many campuses provide different levels of care for residents. Now with wide-area mobile duress you are able to extend the safety net for those that live independently on campus. This pendant with fall detection and GPS provides two-way talk for faster emergency response. Now independent residents can carry a pendant that works both on campus and off. If they fall at a store parking lot, they can push a button and relay the issue with the two-way talk feature. The GPS tracking provides the location data so assistance arrives at the right location quickly. 

Although each of these services is effective as a stand-a-lone technology they are exponentially more powerful when integrated into a situational awareness eco-system.  Entering into an Innovation Agreement with Status Solutions gives customers a 12-month site license to all solutions.  The Innovation Partnership Program enables your community to take advantage of state-of-the-art technology solutions to enhance your situational awareness strategy.   

Click here to listen to the recorded webinar and learn more about the true power of situational awareness. 

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