Connecting Communities that Care…First Stop Dublin!

This blog post discusses the School Solutions Network’s road show and its work to connect communities across the country.

Seventeen years ago Mike McLeod founded Status Solutions because he knew schools were not safe enough and he wanted to do something about it.  His vision and passion for this issue and the lives of the students and staff members that it affects infuses every part of our company and it is why we’ve created the Schools Solutions Network. The School Solutions Network is a social enterprise that strengthens K-12 schools by leveraging innovative technology, awareness education, expert counsel and community resources. The School Solutions Network merges the power of communities with the technical expertise of Status Solutions to holistically identify and address each school’s unique needs. This year the School Solutions Network is on the road connecting schools and community stakeholders to elevate one another by raising awareness, fostering safety and cultivating pride in local school districts.

At Status Solutions we believe that schools should not be alone in the pursuit of well being, technology and financial support.

It’s a child responsibility to learn and a teacher’s responsibility to educate, but it’s a community’s responsibility to keep them both safe. This is why the School Solutions Network is organizing community engagement events across the country. The purpose of these events is to pull community resources together in ways that make schools safer while providing mutual benefits for all the stakeholders.  We are organizing and facilitating these community networks through our community liaisons that assist in establishing and strengthening these important relationships.  

First stop Dublin!

To expand the reach of the School Solutions Network and spread the word about this exciting initiative we launched our country wide road-show at the Senior Star Dublin Retirement Village.  Because this was our inaugural kick-off event we wanted a host that was as committed to community engagement as we were.  We couldn’t have found a better partner.  Dublin Retirement Village, an independent living facility, located in Dublin, Ohio was a perfect host because of their dynamic commitment to community involvement.  They encourage their residents to be part of an “active, vibrant, and diverse community,” and their dedication to these values is what the School Solutions Network is all about.  “When this opportunity came about, we were like ‘absolutely we want to be a part of this,” says Dublin Retirement Village Activity Director, Andrea Klabbatz. Their enthusiasm paired with the School Solutions Network community liaisons made this kick-off event a resounding success. 

As we travel the country we look forward to strengthening community ties in ways that ensure the safety and well-being of our children.  Now is the time to make a difference. By building partnerships between local schools, senior living facilities, businesses and community members we can exponentially improve the overall well-being of our communities and create safer schools.

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