Technologies - SARA

Ignorance is no excuse with situational awareness for better risk management

Originally a military term referring to a pilot's operational status and knowledge of immediate threats, situational awareness is now a broader risk management strategy and an actual technology platform for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. With SARA, the Situational Awareness and Response Assistant, any organization can improve the flow of information for faster, more efficient incident alerting and response management. If you can read, hear and see what's happening, then you can do something about it. From a blown fuse to a life-and-death scenario, SARA helps prevent operational disruptions and speeds emergency response in any environment. Real-time and historical reports then let you analyze response times and protocols to identify problem areas. You don't know what you don't know, but with SARA you can prevent ignorance-based loss and get a wide view of what's happening in and around your organization to protect people, property, business and convenience.

Integrated alarm management and automatic mass notification

SARA is an automated alerting engine that provides centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting for all life safety, security and environmental controls. By integrating disparate alarm and communication systems, critical data will be harnessed and routed automatically so the right people can deal with an unfolding situation in the right way. Triggering events and the corresponding response plans are predefined in SARA's modes and actions, ensuring that real-time, detailed alerts reach key individuals, select groups or entire populations via the designated communication end points - from smartphones and computer screens to public address systems and virtually any device in between. And you don't have to replace existing systems to take advantage of SARA's situational awareness and response management capabilities, because we can make them work better together, removing technology silos.

One alerting platform, multiple situational awareness capabilities

With our expertise in computer-telephony integration (CTI) and various communication protocols, we'll deliver a customized SARA solution for maximum performance and minimal maintenance. Status Solutions will work with you and our certified partners to design a reliable, scalable and sustainable SARA system that provides the following:

  • A dedicated, wireless sensor network for optimal performance of life safety applications

  • Tools to integrate existing life safety, security and environmental alarm and communication systems so they work together, not in silos

  • Mass notification capabilities for broadcasting emergency information, as well as general announcements and courtesy reminders

  • Location data for mobile duress and asset tracking through SARA's Positioning System

  • Pop-up alerts to desktops, including color-coded text and audio, plus video paging to desktops and mobile devices through SARA's eMessenger

  • Intuitive mobile dashboards through SARA's eMessenger Mobile

  • Assignment of point-of-care alerts to clinician/caregiver mobile devices through SARA's Staff Assignments Module