Status Solutions Now Provides Customers the Opportunity to Implement Comprehensive Situational Awareness Framework

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Status Solutions today announced that its situational awareness technology is now available as a bundled solution, providing advanced alerting/mass notification capabilities in addition to digital signage and self-service. Situational awareness is a risk management strategy and technology framework any organization can implement to enhance life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. 

Originally a military term referring to a pilot’s operational status and knowledge of immediate threats, Status Solutions has adopted and broadened the concept of situational awareness to apply to any organization across all industries. With the ability to read, hear and see what’s happening in and around an enterprise, an unfolding situation can be addressed in the right way.

“The world is full of screens and other communication end points, and our mission at Status Solutions is to make sure information gets to all of them for better communication, especially during an emergency,” explains Mike MacLeod, president, Status Solutions. “However, situational awareness also extends to improving workflow and operational efficiency for a comprehensive, holistic approach to risk management using a combination of portals and dashboards.” 

Status Solutions’ Situational Awareness Bundle includes: 

  • The Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA) universal alert server that integrates alarm and communication systems for centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • Desktop alerts with video paging so live feeds from security cameras can be delivered to networked desktops/laptops for eyes on a triggering event in real time (prerecorded videos, photos and other files also can be associated with an event, as preprogrammed through SARA’s modes and actions) 
  • Preprogrammed, intuitive dashboards for smartphones that are voice, Wi-Fi and cellular-enabled for seamless situational awareness on the go (respond or initiate alerting and response plans with just one touch) 
  • Four tablet-based, self-service kiosks for use in common areas 
  • Electronic bulletinboard/digital signage via TV 

Current Status Solutions’ customers with SARA systems also can upgrade and broaden their situational awareness capabilities with a bundled solution, which includes a new server on the latest-generation HP platform to power SARA’s advanced alerting/mass notification capabilities – desktop alerts, video paging and mobile dashboards – plus digital signage and self-service. Please complete our Contact Us form for more information, or call 846-866-7272.