Status Solutions and VSS Increase Situational Awareness with the Addition of VideoPaging™ on Mobile Devices

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With the latest version of Status Solutions SARA’s eMessenger, mass notification to mobile devices can be enhanced with video pageing to improve overall emergency response.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., October 11, 2018 – Status Solutions and VSS today announced they have incorporated VideoPaging™ on mobile devices into SARA’s eMessenger, a component of the Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA) automated alerting engine. With this new capability, alerts sent to mobile devices can include live video footage and maps, allowing the recipient to have “eyes” on the situation enabling them to make an informed decision on how to react. 

SARA’s eMessenger is an advanced alerting capability that extends mass notification to desktops and mobile devices, enabling emergency as well as non-emergency information to be delivered as a browser-based pop-up alert to PCs and smartphones. These pop-up alerts may contain color-coded text, audio, video footage or maps and always show up in a window regardless of application use.

Situational awareness company, Status Solutions, formed a strategic partnership with VSS in 2011 because of VSS’ expertise in video surveillance applications on server-grade appliances. Through this partnership came a solution to provide an intuitive way to add valuable context to improve situational awareness by utilizing customers’ existing investments in video. The Eyes of SARA integration enables VideoPaging™ to desktops and mobile devices through SARA’s eMessenger. Since this partnership was formed, Status Solutions and VSS have successfully placed the Eyes of SARA software on over 600 SARA servers.  As technology partners to organizations throughout the US and Canada, Status Solutions and VSS are pleased to offer a special customer incentive to coincide with the release of VideoPaging™ on SARA’s eMessenger mobile. 

“The first few minutes of an emergency are critical, so the ability to see what’s happening in real-time greatly improves situational awareness. VideoPaging™ on mobile folds another layer of intelligence into SARA’s eMessenger, enabling users to make informed decisions on-the-go to 

escape fires rather than walking straight into them.” explains Status Solutions President, Mike MacLeod.

 “We are excited that our partnership with Status Solutions has led to over 600 SARA customers having a built-in video management platform.  By simply pulling live camera feeds into the Eyes of SARA and utilizing the VSS Alloy™ VideoPaging™ feature, a whole new world of awareness and safety can be achieved.” Victoria Newsome, President

Status Solutions and VSS believe that this new capability will benefit customers across all industries – from healthcare and education to manufacturing and retail. Pushing live video and other visuals to desktops and now mobile devices provides more intelligent alerting, which saves valuable time and ensures the appropriate response for better outcomes. In partnership with new and existing customers, these two organizations are pleased to offer a special promotional package to help organizations take advantage of this solution. Please contact Status Solutions to learn more. 

About Status Solutions

Status Solutions is the pioneering provider of situational awareness technologies with a mission to keep people informed by delivering tools for life safety assurance, security monitoring, environmental awareness and mass notification. Our customized software solutions ensure the right information reaches the right people automatically via various portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication. We help organizations better collect, process, interpret and deliver their data to read, see, hear and do therefore managing risk while transforming business operations. Because RIGHT NOW matters most.

About VSS

VSS is a software, hardware and services company specializing in creating Video Surveillance and Physical Security applications on server-grade appliances. Our solution integrates offerings from industry leaders such as AXIS, Cisco, Status Solutions, and more. VSS Alloy provides a single user interface (UI) for live and recorded video, maps, and managed users, and can be configured on the fly to user specifications to limit and simplify or expand and enrich the end-user experience. Our customers have successfully integrated several third-party applications such as offender lookups, alarm/alert systems, grading/attendance, incident reporting and facilities management. 

Status Solutions and VSS Increase Situational Awareness with the Addition of VideoPaging™ on Mobile Devices

Status Solutions and VSS Partnership