Status Solutions Acquires VSS

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Enhanced Video Management Solutions Help to Improve Overall Situational Awareness

June 3, 2021– Westerville, OH Status Solutions, a leading provider of situational awareness, has acquired VSS, a video surveillance and physical security application company. The integration of the VSS software allows Status Solutions to further expand the capabilities of their solution suite.

Knowing what’s happening in one’s surroundings and using that information for better risk management is the goal of situational awareness. Since 2001, Status Solutions has kept people informed by delivering situational awareness tools for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. Since its inception, Status Solutions has partnered with VSS to provide a solution that leverages cameras to put “eyes” on ongoing situations, allowing customers to make informed decisions on how to react. The addition of the VSS solution suite and in-house subject matter expertise enables Status Solutions to provide a wider array of video management solutions to customers.

“The decision for VSS to join the Status Solutions family was an easy one. We have partnered with them for over 10 years to provide our customers with an enhanced video management solution, and now, with the additional capabilities, we can further improve the safety and security of our customers,” says Mike MacLeod, CEO and founder of Status Solutions.

“We are very excited that our long-term partnership has grown into one comprehensive solution. This allows us to provide customers with a holistic solution that addresses that variety of issues that continue to appear in today’s security climate,” explains VSS President, Victoria Newsome.

Status Solutions looks forward to continuing to grow its solution suite and furthering their mission to prevent ignorance-based loss.


VSS is a software, hardware and services company specializing in creating Video Surveillance and Physical Security applications on server-grade appliances. VSS Alloy provides a single user interface (UI) for live and recorded video, interactive maps, and managed users, and can be configured on the fly to user specifications to limit and simplify or expand and enrich the end-user experience. Our customers have successfully integrated several third-party applications such as offender lookups, alarm/alert systems, grading/attendance, incident reporting and facilities management. For more information, visit us at and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Status Solutions Acquires VSS

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