National Church Residences Standardizes with Status Solutions

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National Church Residences partners with Status Solutions to provide a comprehensive solution to meet the needs of the organization.

Westerville, OH – Status Solutions announced today that longtime partner and the nation’s largest non-profit provider of affordable senior housing in the country, National Church Residences, is standardizing with the Status Solutions Innovation Program. Status Solutions has worked with numerous National Church Residences’ communities since 2007 and looks forward to extending their solutions to improve communication, connectedness and reporting across the organization. Through the Innovation Program, National Church Residences will stay true to their mission of providing housing to serve the various and changing needs of seniors. 

National Church Residences was in search of a resident engagement solution, but with Status Solutions they saw the opportunity for much more. The Innovation Program gives organizations the opportunity to partner with Status Solutions to receive ongoing access to the newest and most advanced solutions as technology and seniors’ needs evolve over time. This program provides National Church Residences with the leading capabilities of today and a partner committed to tackling any upcoming obstacles, together. Over the next 9 months, this partnership will be rolling out the Innovation Program in all 13 Senior Living communities in Ohio and Florida, while monitoring engagement and program response; informing for an effective launch and scale across the organization. With the implementation of the Innovation Program across more of National Church Residences’ communities on the horizon, they hope to further their vision of “advancing better living for all seniors, enabling them to remain home for life.” 

Jackie Metro, Regional Director of Program Engagement at National Church Residences, explains, “I was tasked with finding a resident engagement solution, but I had a bigger vision of finding a broader solution to meet all the needs in our organization. Status Solutions is the most comprehensive solution to meet those needs and barriers we are facing.”

“With access to the entire Status Solutions software suite, National Church Residences offers residents and staff a fully connected community. Whether it’s enhancing resident engagement, improving staff efficiencies or overall business operations, we can help,” describes Rachel MacLeod, CATIE Engagement Coordinator at Status Solutions.

“In today’s world, it seems, nearly everything has gone virtual, from buying groceries to telehealth,” said President and CEO, Mark Ricketts of National Church Residences. “By offering our senior residents a way to stay connected, they can access the information and services they need to maintain their health, as well as combatting isolation by keeping in touch with family and friends.”


Status Solutions is a provider of situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. The company’s customized solutions ensure the right information reaches the right people automatically via various portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication. From emergency alerting and response management to self-service, we help organizations better collect, process, interpret and deliver their data. Real-time, detailed notifications about potential threats to people, property, business and convenience/comfort enabling customers to better manage risk while also transforming their business operations. For more information, visit us at and follow us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube


National Church Residences serves more than 42,000 seniors through its array of housing and health care services. The not-for-profit organization is driven by a vision of advancing better living for all seniors, enabling them to remain home for life. With 340 communities in 25 states and Puerto Rico, it is the nation’s largest not-for-profit provider of affordable senior housing and the largest manager of service coordinators. The organization also offers residential senior communities, home and community-based services, as well as permanent supportive housing for the formerly homeless and disabled. For more information, visit us at and follow us on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

National Church Residences Standardizes with Status Solutions

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