Inniswood Village

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Increased Resident Engagement, Quality of Life, Staff Efficiencies and Safety and Security through Social Connectedness and Engagement Technology at Inniswood Village

Project Description

With a focus on engagement, connectedness and bringing quality to everyday life, Inniswood Village leverages Status Solutions’ CATIE in-room portal solution to streamline communication and improve the day-today lives of residents and staff. This enterprise solution enables Inniswood Village to deliver digitized content and endless self-service options, giving residents access to information and services they want while keeping staff informed in order to provide the highest quality of care.

Implementation and Approach

National Church Residences assembled an IT and Operations team, tasked with researching and implementing resident engagement technology at their brand new facility. National Church Residences was actively looking for a technology solution when Status Solutions approached the team with their in-room portal solution, CATIE. National Church Residences discussed expectations and desired outcomes of the technology. Subsequently, Status Solutions invited the National Church Residences team to a current customer site of theirs to show how the technology is currently working in a similar setting. The team had a hands-on experience as they tested the technology, talked to residents and staff, and recognized all the technology has to offer. Status Solutions worked closely with National Church’s team on an extensive amount of discovery in order to further understand and identify the desired outcomes of the implementation of this technology. National Church Residences partnered with Status Solutions to implement a technology that aligns with the mission to provide high quality care, services and residential communities for all seniors.


Increased Quality of Life

CATIE introduces a new and efficient way to keep residents informed of community happenings, while keeping staff informed of resident’s needs on a daily basis. The always-on CATIE portal establishes a link to the community and the world beyond digital isolation. This solution enhances the daily lives of residents through its functions as an intercom, message center, electronic bulletin board and concierge.

Many residents that move into a senior living facility are accustomed to an independent lifestyle; therefore, the transition to a senior retirement community can be difficult. CATIE is a non-intrusive solution that enables residents to maintain their independent lifestyle while staying connected with their community and keeping staff informed with necessary information. Maintaining social connections with those outside of the facility, especially with loved ones who may live long distances away, is crucial for residents and their families. With CATIE, residents communicate with family and friends by email through a user-friendly interface that allows residents to respond by recording their voice with the touch of a button. From signing up for activities and using the event calendar to sharing photos with loved ones through email, CATIE streamlines communication and keeps residents connected to those within the facility and beyond its perimeter.

“I believe that our residents have really grown as individuals because they are engaged with this technology. When we are able to put information right in people’s hands, it does increase engagement.”

Sally Grote, Executive Director, Inniswood Village, on the impact of CATIE for residents.

Increased Resident Engagement, Satisfaction, Social Networks, Reduced Social Isolation, Feelings of Loneliness and Depression

Keeping residents engaged is a key component to reducing social isolation, feelings of loneliness and depression. CATIE serves as a portal to the community and residents consistently check CATIE to stay connected and engaged. Residents look to CATIE to see the latest community pictures in the carousel on the home page, check the latest announcements on the bulletin board, and can call other residents using CATIE. Resident happiness is at the top of the priority list for the Inniswood Village staff; importantly, CATIE serves as a vehicle for staff to send out surveys and encourages them to submit their thoughts and ideas into the suggestion box located on the portal.

CATIE gives residents the opportunity to engage with their community in a variety of ways. Through CATIE, residents view and sign up for the activities going on in the community. Status Solutions recently started an intergenerational engagement program, where they bring in local high school students to train residents how to use the new technology. The “Coffee and CATIE” training session was posted on the activity calendar, and residents signed up and attended the training with CATIE by their side. At these trainings, residents have the opportunity to interact with the younger generation while learning how to use the technology they’re surrounded by every day.

Increased Staff Efficiencies

CATIE not only enhances the lives of residents but also streamlines organizational business processes. The information staff receives from CATIE enables them to make informed decisions regarding visitor administration, service requests, meal preparation, event planning, and most importantly, the health and safety of the residents. Notifications to residents’ CATIE devices can vary from approaching inclement weather to picture day in the lobby, and can be pushed out in a matter of minutes. With CATIE, staff is able to ensure residents have the most up to date information regarding meals and activities. Digitizing the menus and activity calendars not only saves printing and distribution time but also enables staff to update information in real-time when changes occur. In addition, residents can submit digital service requests for housekeeping or maintenance, providing service staff with an efficient and centralized way to manage facility needs.

Increased Safety and Security

Resident health and safety is of the utmost importance and CATIE provides staff with the information they need to proactively react to a potential emergency situation. One thing residents have stressed is how they feel exponentially safer with CATIE. CATIE has a check-in feature to be used each morning. Residents push a button on their portal between set times each day. A report is generated letting staff know which residents did not check in, providing them an unobtrusive way to ensure resident safety. This not only makes the residents feel safer but it gives their families peace of mind. In order for guests and visitors to gain access to the facility, they must call residents through a CATIE mounted by the entrance. Residents receive this call on their CATIE and they can see who their visitor is through the live video feed instantly pushed to them. Residents now feel confident that everyone walking around the building was given the proper access.

About Inniswood Village

As a one-of-a-kind senior living community located in Westerville, Ohio, National Church Residences’ Inniswood Village offers seniors carefree living with a superior level of everyday convenience. Offering senior apartment homes as well as assisted living and memory care tucked in next to the serene beauty of Inniswood Metro Gardens. The heart of the community is its Town Center, offering many of the conveniences you’d find in a small town. The services, from home care to culinary experiences, are top quality. The community gives residents opportunities to enjoy life at its best: the arts, nature, spiritual growth and a holistic approach to health and wellness. Inniswood Village offers a high-quality living experience that not only connects residents with the community around them, but the community beyond their walls as well.