Holly Hall Retirement Community Partners with Status Solutions to Improve Resident Experience

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Communication and self-service technology enables seniors to remain independent and engage with their community.

COLUMBUS, OH. February 18, 2020 – Situational Awareness company, Status Solutions announced today that Holly Hall Retirement Community, located in Central Houston, is implementing self-service and resident engagement solution, CATIE (Communication and Access to Information Everywhere). This always-on, communication and self-service software will be leveraged by Holly Hall to help improve resident engagement, workflow and overall service within their community. CATIE establishes a link to the community and the world beyond digital isolation. This solution enhances the daily lives of residents through its functions as an intercom, check-in, message center, electronic bulletin board, radio, concierge and much more.

“Many seniors are hesitant to move out of their own homes into a senior living community because they worry they will lose their independence. CATIE not only allows seniors to remain independent, but provides them with a constant companion to help them effectively communicate and engage with their community,” explained Danielle Myers, Status Solutions’ General Manager. “Not only does this allow residents to be more self-sufficient but it improves their overall quality of life. CATIE enables organizations to deliver residents access to information and services they want while keeping staff informed in order to provide the highest quality of care.”

Holly Hall looks forward to deploying 91 CATIE in-room portals for resident engagement over the next few months. By enabling their community to deliver digitized content and endless self-service options, CATIE will give residents access to the information they want when they want it. “To no longer have to rely on someone to schedule something for you or remind you to do something is really special for [our residents]”, says Mark Mullahy, CEO at Holly Hall, “We are excited to bring CATIE here. Our partnership with Status Solutions helps us continue to be leaders in the market with a turnkey platform accomplishing resident safety, communication, and analytics.” 

Dedicated to improving quality of life, the staff at Holly Hall believes resident safety is just as crucial as resident engagement. This is why, last month, Holly Hall implemented SARA (Situational Awareness and Response Assistant), an automated alerting platform that integrates all alarm and communication systems, enabling detailed alerts to automatically go to the right people on the right devices – from smartphones to computer screens to public address systems. SARA provides a wireless sensor network, integration tools and mass notification capabilities all on one powerful platform. Holly Hall leverages this solution to send and receive alerts including the location of a resident in need, fire emergencies and notifications from their existing systems. Customers with Status Solutions’ software will soon have access to MIMI (Merging Information into Meaningful Insights). MIMI incorporates the data from the situational awareness suite and presents it on an analytics dashboard. This dashboard helps analyze relevant information and other data collected over time, enabling staff, family members and corporations to have access to meaningful insights. 

About Status Solutions Status Solutions is the pioneering provider of situational awareness technologies with a mission to keep people informed by delivering tools for life safety assurance, security monitoring, environmental awareness and mass notification. Our customized software solutions ensure the right information reaches the right people automatically via various portals and dashboards for faster, more efficient communication. We help organizations better collect, process, interpret and deliver their data to read, see, hear, and do, therefore managing risk while transforming business operations. Because RIGHT NOW matters most. 

About Holly Hall Retirement Community Founded in 1949, Holly Hall has established a strong presence in the heart of Houston, Texas. As a non-profit Christian retirement community, Holly Hall is dedicated to ensuring their residents receive the utmost care and the commitment they deserve. The community provides independent living, assisted living, and short-term rehab all on one campus. With beautifully landscaped gardens and plenty of open space, the community is a charming reprieve from the city, while remaining just minutes from the best restaurants and stores Houston has to offer.


Holly Hall Retirement Community