Outcomes - Guest Engagement (CATIE)

Deliver customized digital content, enable self-service, enhance communication, increase guest satisfaction and automate workflow.

Situational awareness doesn't just pertain to emergency alerting; It also refers to any information an organization needs to manage and share with those it serves. Whether on business or pleasure, your guests need to experience your property in a way that makes them feel safe, comfortable and at home away from home. Special touches are important, literally. Now there's a touch-screen technology that enables guests to access your content and services for their convenience and comfort, adding to their satisfaction. Our self-service solution continues to evolve to provide a unified awareness experience via online, mobile and kiosk options that improve communication, workflow and service. People want what they want, and they want it fast and accurate. Why not automate your content and services to fulfill your guests' requests with the tap of a screen?

Special touches are important, literally.

Meet CATIE, the solutions that provides your guests with communication and access to information everywhere at their fingertips via the elegant Apple iPad, a consumer device prominent within business because of its power yet ease of use. This in-room amenity in and of itself also allows you to increase efficiency and generate new revenue. CATIE functions as an always-on intercom, message center, electronic bulletin board/digital signage and concierge. The portable device, docked at the bedside or desk, establishes a portal to your property, and the world beyond, to help guests make the most of their stays. The desired functionality is programmed under an endless supply of easy buttons on the CATIE user interface. With our expertise in computer-telephony integration (CTI), we can provide any hotel/resort with a customized CATIE solution to deliver relevant content and amenties/services. From ordering roo service to requesting wake-up call to finding information about area attractions, your guests won't have to wait to get what they want or need.

With CATIE, you can create a guest experience command and control center in each room. Enabling guests to get what they want when they want it helps to ensure quality on the front end while you streamline and automate the closing of loops on the back end.

Example integrations include:

  • Guest services
  • Reservations
  • Property management
  • Energy management
  • Point of sale
  • Spa, dining and other booking
  • Special events and conferences

As a hotelier, your main concerns are guest safety and satisfaction.

We care about those things too. In fact, our company is built on the promise of helping to protect people, property, business and convenience/comfort. Let us be your partner in designing a customized, in-room CATIE solution for communication and guest self-service. We also provide technologies to enhance safety and security for guests as well as employees, including mobile duress for lone workers. Are you ready to transform the guest experience and staff experience together?