Bridgewater Retirement Community

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Bridgewater Retirement Community Improves Efficiencies and Communication with Status Solutions’ Mass Notification


Bridgewater Retirement Community’s (BRC) mass notification system was being underutilized. With a manual process and separate interface from their other technology, it was not the right fit. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it became even more integral for BRC to have a mass notification system that could reach team members, residents, and family members as efficiently and effectively as possible.


BRC deployed Mass Notification as it a part of their Status Solutions’ Innovations Program. With Status Solutions’ Mass notification, BRC was able to run it alongside their other existing Status Solutions technologies, like SARA’s eMessenger, to create a simpler and more automated solution. BRC’s team members were trained by Status Solutions how to use the Mass Notification feature and all of their contacts were loaded onto the system. With Status Solutions’ Mass Notification, BRC is now able to easily send texts, phone calls, and emails to their team members, residents, residents’ families and additional contacts. 


  • All systems are now managed from one platform
  • Ability to share a consistent message with their desired audience(s)
  • Improved efficiencies among team members, allowing them to spend more time on residents
  • Improved communication among team members, residents and family members
  • Easy to use dashboard allows notifications to be quickly sent while on- or off-site

Customer Use Case

Each year, Bridgewater Retirement Community organizes a day and time to vaccinate their team members for the flu. Unfortunately, their vaccine provider was not able to produce the vaccines, leaving BRC in a bind, “So here we are at the 11th hour trying to figure out how we’re going to vaccinate 450 team members. We partnered with a local pharmacy, but the way it worked out, we didn’t know what day they were going to be able to come,” explained Anne O’Donohue, Vice president of support services at BRC. The site was only notified two days before the pharmacy planned to administer the vaccine. “We were able to use the mass notification system then, to send out a text and an email to everybody, letting them know when the flu clinic was going to be and where to come, to get a higher compliance rate.”

About Bridgewater Retirement Community

Situated among the natural beauty of the Shenandoah Valley, Bridgewater’s mountain vistas and easy, flat terrain for walking, golfing, biking, and other activities; a Main Street America town with shopping, dining, and entertainment; a nearby college with opportunities for learning; and our amazing, well-appointed community all make Bridgewater the perfect place to live.

Providing a full continuum of care, from independent living to assisted living, to nursing care, Bridgewater Retirement Community offers a gracious environment with a dedicated staff and diverse residents. With many amenities, freedom from maintenance, and activities for every interest, Bridgewater Retirement Community provides an active environment with the added security of knowing that if your needs change, you’ll have access to supportive services and healthcare.