SARA Emergency Alerting System Selected by Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc. to Enhance Crew Safety

Toyota’s Indiana manufacturing plant implements situational awareness technology, starting with mobile duress for crews in welding and storage areas

Status Solutions today announced that its Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA) has been deployed at Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc. (TMMI). The software is used to power mobile duress alerting in the Princeton plant’s welding and storage areas, giving crewmembers who operate forklifts and tuggers the ability to call for immediate assistance without exiting their trucks.

SARA provides centralized monitoring and automated alerting for all life safety, security and environmental monitoring systems. It includes a wireless sensor network, integration tools and mass notification capabilities on one platform, delivering real-time, detailed alerts to designated communication end points. With right-now situational awareness, organizations know what’s happening in and around their facilities so the appropriate actions can be taken to protect people, property, business and convenience. 

At TMMI, mobile duress buttons are affixed to forklifts and will be added to tug trucks. If a driver presses one of these buttons, an alert automatically goes via radio and/or smartphone to team leaders. In addition to the truck ID, the alerts processed by SARA also include the approximate location of the truck. This additional information, made possible with SARA’s Positioning System (SPS), further improves emergency response because those needing help can be found more quickly. 

The other applications for SARA that TMMI is considering include:

  • Equipment tracking so the plant will know where each forklift or tug truck is at any given time
  • Line-stoppage notifications
  • Evacuation strategies and associated alerts
  • Integration to reporting engines
  • Mobile, unified dashboards via SARA’s eMessenger
“Emergency alerting and response management is critical in a manufacturing environment, and SARA increases favorable outcomes in protecting worker safety and production uptime,” says Mike MacLeod, president of Status Solutions. “Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Indiana is the latest customer in this sector to realize the broad value of situational awareness, and we look forward to continuing our work with them in customizing the technology to meet their needs and infrastructure.”