Case Study - Ridley High School

Integrates SARA with Current Systems for Enhanced School Security


Located in a Philadelphia suburb, Ridley High School has a student body of approximately 1,600 students in grades 9-12. Ridley strives to provide a safe and productive learning environment for its students, but like most high schools, it must deal with problems such as smoking, vandalism and truancy. Ridley School District has been aggressive in its use of technology to improve communications, security and safety, so when school officials suspected unauthorized access to the school, Ridley installed security cameras. However, it’s difficult to review hours of tape in hopes of finding a specific incident.

"SARA provides a level of flexibility, control and awareness we did not previously have. Many of the systems today have alarm reporting features, but SARA's single point of integration and flexible programming has made it a great choice for Ridley.”
– Don Otto, Director of Computer and Network Services


Ridley School District partnered with Status Solutions to implement SARA for centralized alarm management at the high school. Since its implementation at Ridley, SARA has been used to combat student smoking and enhance security through more effective video surveillance.


  • Reduced student smoking through integration with cigarette busters in restrooms
  • Identified incidents of unauthorized access through security camera integration, quickly pinpointing each incident on video tape
  • Provides local alerting for fire panels via two-way radio or overhead paging; no need to go to the fire panel to identify the active alarm because the alarm location is included with the alert from SARA
  • Allows alerts to be handled differently, depending on the time of day
  • Generates a single report of all alarm activity for a comprehensive view of what’s happening 
  • Enables building control system and PBX integration