Case Study - Washington County Courthouse

Deploys SARA to Improve Safety and Security


Washington County, Pennsylvania, wanted to improve safety and security for its judicial facilities. The IT department wanted to assure judges that if a security incident occurred, they could call for immediate help, whether in their offices, the courtroom or throughout the judicial complex, including parking garages. IT staff also hoped to use the existing Cisco IP communication infrastructure to integrate other situational awareness applications across the complex as new requirements emerge.

“We have a great working relationship with Status Solutions, and the two-day implementation was very quick and painless. Washington County is confident that this solution has improved the overall safety and security of its judicial facilities.”
– Dan Briner, Washington County Network Administrator


Status Solutions delivered an emergency alerting and response management system to Washington County, including fixed and mobile duress for the judges. When a fixed or mobile duress button is activated, a voice or text alert goes directly to the sheriff's office or other pre-defined security contacts. Software also was installed on the Cisco IP phones throughout the campus to enable a soft duress key, which can be pressed if a fixed or mobile duress button is not available.


  • Installed fixed duress buttons in judges' chambers, courtrooms, the jail, adult and juvenile waiting areas, and probation and mental health offices
  • Equipped judges with mobile duress buttons to be carried with them as they walk throughout the campus, including parking garages
  • Triggers alerts to sheriff’s office or other predefined security contacts for immediate response
  • Planning to extend the automated alerting system to comply with homeland security mandates and increased security efforts, including surveillance camera integration for video paging
  • Also extending to the county’s health center to centralize alerting for life safety and environmental monitoring