Case Study - The Canterbury

Adopts Situational Awareness Technology for Enhanced Safety and Service


With one of the largest independent living sections in the region, The Canterbury in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., ensures that its 150 residents make living well an art. That focus on wellness, and providing residents with the most engaging and satisfying retirement experience in terms of both services and technology, led the community to implement the situational awareness platform from Status Solutions – first for emergency alerting and response management and then for multimedia access and self-service.

“We could have just gotten a new emergency response system, but we wanted to step up our capabilities. We chose the technology from Status Solutions because we can do a lot more with it than just emergency response. Plus, it integrates with our other systems. Those were deciding factors for us.”
– Robin Rocha, Director of Environmental Services


The Canterbury spent several months evaluating emergency response systems to ensure that its final choice provided not only the best life safety outcomes but also the ability to expand its technology framework as needed. After just a few months, The Canterbury already reports significant value from the Situational Awareness and Response Assistant (SARA), including improved reporting for trending and training and approximate location data for mobile duress. “Before SARA [and SARA’s Positioning System], we had no way to determine if a resident was away from his or her residence, much less the general vicinity of where a duress signal was coming from,” notes the community’s director of environmental services. 


  • Powers mobile duress for independent and assisted living residents, including vector mapping to help find those who need help more quickly
  • Confirms that calls for assistance are answered immediately, which is important for resident and family satisfaction
  • Enhanced reporting provides valuable data for trending and training
  • Offers better signal coverage and ability to upgrade all emergency alerting/response devices to wireless
  • Provides integration to other systems, such as generators, for centralized monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • Improves situational awareness and communication across life safety, security and environmental monitoring applications plus mass notification through the CATIE (Communication and Access to Information Everywhere) solution for direct in-room access to services and amenities