Case Study - Otterbein Monclova

Improves Response Times with SARA’s eMessenger Mobile


Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Choices prides itself on being a company ahead on the technology curve, especially when it comes to providing its residents with the best care in the most efficient ways. Already a Status Solutions’ customer using the SARA automated alerting engine for integrated alarm management, Otterbein in Monclova, Ohio, decided to replace the pagers of its 15 nurses’ aides with Apple devices equipped with mobile dashboards for workflow and collaborative care. Users receive alerts about an unfolding situation and also can initiate emergency alerting and escalations, including involving others, all from one user interface and with just one touch.

“The SARA iOS mobile dashboard solution was easy to adopt, and we’ve reduced our average response time by three minutes since replacing our pagers. Newer and younger staff members had never even seen a pager, having only been exposed to smart devices like iPods and iPhones, so they were especially quick to pick up on how to use it.”
-- Tyler Hawk, LNHA, Coach


The SARA mobile dashboard solution for workflow and collaborative care delivers alerts to nurses’ aides on duty from either bathroom pull cords or mobile duress pendants worn by residents. Comprised of five small houses with up to 10 residents each, the skilled nursing and rehab facility has reduced its average response time by three (3) minutes since implementing the new solution. In addition, Otterbein Monclova reports that it has not received any complaints about unanswered calls for assistance. Overall workflow also has improved because each aide knows where the others are located, thanks to detailed alerts that include location data, so there’s no duplication of efforts or having to search for each other.


  • Reduced average response time by three minutes
  • Enhances communication and workflow between nurses’ aides on shift together
  • Able to restrict staff access to the Internet to ensure the Apple devices are used only to facilitate resident care
  • Also use for sending general announcements or courtesy reminders, such as “Go on break” or “Remember to complete your time sheets”
  • Not required to buy replacement batteries unlike with pagers