Case Study - Shands Hospital at the University of Florida

Creates a Single Alerting Platform with SARA


Shands at the University of Florida in Gainesville is a nationally renowned hospital specializing in tertiary care for critically ill patients and the primary teaching hospital for the University of Florida College of Medicine. When the hospital wanted to consolidate multiple nurse call systems to improve response times, it turned to IT service provider and Status Solutions valued business partner VT Milcom. The goal was finding a single platform for alarm management while leveraging current technology investments.

“We chose the SARA solution because of its ability to improve our processes by creating a single alerting platform. Leveraging our current infrastructure made the overall solution very appealing. The software architects at Status Solutions worked very closely with us to understand our unique environment and specific requirements.”
– Larry Benton, Director of Communications


Status Solutions worked with VT Milcom to deploy SARA to convert alarms from the multiple GE Telligence nurse call systems into detailed alerts for delivery to NEC wireless handsets. When a patient initiates a nurse call, SARA will process the alarm based on the appropriate modes and actions for that particular patient. The text alert sent to clinicians or support staff includes a description of the triggering event and the patient’s room number. Upon receiving an alert, a clinician can talk back to the patient by activating the relevant keystrokes on the wireless handset. The call is connected to the patient in real time, so the clinician is able to consult with the patient who triggered the alarm.


  • Creates a single alerting platform, integrating multiple GE nurse call systems and NEC handsets to improve response times
  • Establishes a talk-back path so patients receive a higher level of care
  • Leverages existing technology infrastructure
  • Provides platform for further improving situational awareness and patient care, including using SARA’s text-to-speech capability to send voice alerts to any phone